C’mon Australia, Catch up!!!


If a multicultural college can get behind gay marriage, with students from countries whose core beliefs are relatively homophobic, to say the least. Why can’t the Australian government?

On Saturday (26 August 2017) we will all march in Melbourne for Marriage Equality. Gay People, Lesbian People, Transgender People, Straight People, Intersex People, Bisexual People… We are all just People!!! Why be the breeding ground for discrimination? I can’t help who I am, nor can I help who I love, why should I be punished for it?

Love is Love and People are People… It doesn’t matter what your preference is!


Just love me anyway


For years I have held parts of myself back, petrified of being rejected. That if you see who I really am, you might leave me.

I opened the wound today with my therapist and the burning in my chest amplified. I have an abandonment wound. My father and my sister left me behind when I was 10 years old. They moved to Germany illegally. My mom, desperate to stop them, held onto me and instead of abandoning the plan, because I wasn’t with them, they abandoned me instead.

That was the same year I stopped crying. I remember thinking consciously that if I chose not to feel anything, I would never be happy, but at least the pain would stop. I would have done anything to numb the agony – One of my first addictions was to TV… I used just escape into the fantasy of the storyline and focus on the onscreen drama to get away from the reality of my life.

That  wound has been burning, since I started therapy. Today’s session scratched deep into the cut that sits in the same place, but this has a different story. There was a third abandonment and that comes from the rejection of who I am. I listened to a meditation after the session and I broke down, when the guide said “we are human beings” – The thing that popped into my head after grabbing onto myself to hold myself as I sobbed, was that I can’t help the way I feel and who I love. I am just a human being trying to do my best in the world – I can’t help that I turned out lesbian and despite my best effort, I can’t change that.

As the tears roll down my cheeks and I type between gasps of air, I feel grateful. For it is through these tears that I can heal and in this broken space, where these salty waterfalls will wash away the density that is blocking out the light. It is through recovery that I have found unconditional love. The women that love me regardless of what I do or who I choose, Slowly a safe space is being created, that I may come out of hiding. I can let my vulnerability show. I am loved through all my strength and all my weaknesses as the human being that I am, just the way I am in my perfect imperfection.

I comprehend unconditional love. It is a gift that I have had the pleasure of experiencing in this lifetime. Thank you God. I am blessed.