The Spirit of the Twelfth

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I’ve been rather busy lately doing all sorts of wonderful things. It’s feels like the moment I complained a little that my life felt empty… God was like, “Oh yeah? You think so?… Well, how do you feel about this? and this? and this?…” – I am busy running around like a spring chicken now, busy, but so happy.

My trip is booked to Sydney… SO stoked! Another member mentioned there is a convention coming up soon there, that I should check it out – It turns out that it is on the exact date that I am there (so thank you God!) – And it’s my home fellowship. At least the one, which I resonate most with. I am pretty excited! The decision, alone, has inspired two friends to come with me and I know another woman who is going to be there, who asked if I could get involved in helping her represent the Victorian fellowship. What a privilege! The whole point of the trip was to expose myself to the fellowship in different places and can’t get more exposure than a convention & a regional service centre meeting, really!

This weekend had been great! I have been devoted to some service, which has really helped get me out of myself. (I’m also totally reflecting the step that I’m on, because service just keeps popping up – “Having ha a Spiritual Awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry the message to addicts, and to practice these principles in all our affairs”)  We walked around Melbourne yesterday, asking shop owners to support the Marriage Equality vote, by putting up “yes” posters in their shop windows. It is an absolutely beautiful thing to see so many rainbow flags painting the streets of Melbourne’s display windows. Later, a sponsee shared her fourth step with me, in the most magnificent Bonsai garden  and then, I got to attend a committee meeting for our convention. Just to top it off, which is my favourite part – My client had a rice dish cooked for her, which she doesn’t like, because it has too much spice. She asked me to take it, but considering I don’t do starch. Rice doesn’t really work with me. I told her I am not going to eat it, but that I could definitely give it to some homeless people, who might be interested in a meal. So she’s packaged it up into four containers, each with its own fork and well… lets hope it’s well received. I tasted it and its pretty good! Service keeps me sober. I feel energised after a weekend, which was jam packed. I am so grateful for the program!

I had to laugh though, when I added yet another app for recording things. My first was the “Sober Time” app, which I downloaded to start recording my sex & love sobriety. I then got the “iExpensit” app to start recording my spending. This app is golden and really gave me so much clarity on my numbers. It helped with what I could and couldn’t afford to get paid, just based on how much I was spending each month. Also I saw that I was spending so much money on fuel, that moving to the sitting and dropping my second job cost me the same amount as staying in the country and continuing to work and travel for 10 hours a week. This brings me to the “Eternity” app – how to overcome time drunkeness 101 hahaha – I was initially split: 43% work, 9% uni, 4% service and 32% sleep. So sleep has always been great for me. I am an 8 hour a night girl, but to be spending 52% of my time on work and uni, it leaves very little time for anything else. (I am not a stats freak – the app works it out for me) – After using it for a few months I  am at 33% sleep, 30% self care, 30% work/uni and 6% service. So freaking balanced! And I’m exercising everyday. I feel great. Also earning the same amount doing 40% less work.

My last app is not exactly program related. I think it’s for women who want to get pregnant and gauge when they are ovulating… For me I just need something to tell me why I am shovelling gallons of chocolate down and taking everything so freaking PERSONALLY!!! After years and years, it still catches me off guard. Hahahaha! So now I have an app for that too. I don’t have to think anymore or work anything out. Technology has got me at the laziest and the most efficient I have ever been in my life. I love it!!!

Loving my life. Grateful to my Higher Power. Feeling full and rich with experiences. ❤



4 thoughts on “The Spirit of the Twelfth

  1. Your excitement in this post is infectious!!!! That you for sharing! I’m American, and when I lived on Guam I took a 2 week trip to Australia. It was the most amazing experience. My primary motive was the NA World Convention in Sydney (this was, maybe 24 or 25 years ago?) then I spent time traveling around by bus. Thank you for reminding me how service can get me excited about recovery!


    • Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. How amazing that you visited Sydney for a convention. I love that you can go anywhere in the world and find a family in the rooms of 12 step


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