Married to Me

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So Curious Mind Magazine has deemed it,  “Sologomy” and it’s a thing!!! I absolutely love it! I have been married to myself for a few months now and the things I have done as my wife… Well lets just say, I am one lucky woman 😉

Since I’ve been married to me, I really stick up for me, in all situations – I got myself out of a really toxic living situation without hesitation. I have moved us into a beautiful house, which gives me more time to take myself for walks on the beach and to do yoga and have dinner parties with friends. I have started doing meal prep and making myself lunches for uni and for work and instead of buying gluten free schnitzels and serving those up to myself. I went out and bought chicken breasts to make me, my own… Using pecorino and desiccated coconut as the the crumb… 100% carb free and absolutely delicious… I must tell you, my wife can cook!!! Hahaha!

I stumbled across this Tracy McMillan TED Talk one day at uni and it is really one of the best things I have ever come across. I know I am a good partner. I have always been, but the one person I neglected to turn up for was myself. This was until 2 months ago. As a wife I am attentive, I pay attention to my feelings. I make sure I keep myself well fed, with loving and nurturing food. I tuck myself into bed at a reasonable hour every night and only wake myself up after a good 8 hours, with my favourite breakfast of spiced nuts, yoghurt and strawberries (a great Tim Noakes recipe – Nut Granola)

Self Love? Yes, wholeheartedly. I show up for me these days, so that I am a whole human being when I decide to show up for others. It is a blessing. I am everything I ever wanted in a partner, so now the person that I end up with, will simply be a lovely addition to my life, rather than the person that I am searching for to fill a void, which I am totally capable of filling myself.

I am grateful. I feel loved. I am glad I pushed through the pain of recovery to find the true gifts of living on the other side.




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