False Start


I would like to mark Monday as the first day of my weekend as technically it is one of my few days off. The reason why I want to do this, is because if this is the start of my week and the thing that is supposed to set the president for the week to come, I am in a lot of trouble.

Thanks to recovery, I have been totally unaffected by the goings on of a typical blue Monday. The plan was to leave the house after straightening my hair to take a walk and buy a printer cable at the same time. Something shorted in my GHD and I was left with the thing continuously switching on and off, but not generating enough heat to solve my now fluffy, freshly blow dried hair. My friend called in tears and I had to try and help her organise some support without trying to codependently swoop in and save the day. This left me having disjointed calls with my action buddy, because I had to speak to the CATT team.

I had some lunch and finally made my way down to the print shop to buy a printer cable. I walked 4km (which I loved), to get to the print store, to find out the only did printing. I got sent down a further km to a newsagent, where the lady behind the counter proceeded to tell me where she thought the printer cable may have gotten to and asked me why the printer didn’t have a cable.. Neither of which actually helped me solve my problem. Disheartened and really pretty deflated, I walked back up and chatted to my mom on the phone. She didn’t sound convinced about the whole making money off of a blog thing. To be honest, I’m not even sure how you would sell advertising space on a recovery blog, but any potential ideas I had were very swiftly crushed in that conversation. Her lack of enthusiasm was apparent.

It was really good to catch up with her though and while I had her on the phone, I walked past a little Chinese store. He had printer cables and even though I couldn’t get my GHD repaired, at least I walked out with a solution to my printing problems. I got home and plugged the printer in and there is no driver for a mac hahaha!

I feel a little defeated, but what a gift, that I got to experience a few brick walls today and just calmly navigate my way through it. I am grateful and tomorrow is a new day πŸ™‚


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