Found another little Gem

Just moved into my new home today and the place has just got such an amazing feel to it. I am already filling up my week, which is dangerous… I am a time drunk. I think this is the motivation I need to do my time plan… It needs to happen, otherwise I’ll make all the time in the world for everyone else, but none for myself.

I worked this morning, moved and now I am at work again – Feeling rather buggered! Some HALT’s (Hungry Angry Lonely Tired) coming into play, so naturally I start sexualising my friend again – Hahaha, this disease never sleeps. I am looking forward to the meeting tomorrow. I should be able to get to a meeting every second night this week, which is just so freaking awesome!

Listened to an amazing speaker on this recovery 2.0 conference – Meadow Devor – Amazing way to look at my relationship with money. I realise that I am as avoidant with money as I am with women and my fear of abandonment comes up with it, so I reject it before it can reject me. It’s that whole fear fantasy and fear projection defect that comes up. I am a strong manifestor, so I need to watch my thinking around things – too much thinking and not enough trusting that my Higher Power will look after me

I am grateful for this new found awareness, everything I have been given and the spiritual awakenings.


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