Letting Go

I had a really interesting weekend. I started to connect with myself and my life on a whole new level. I absolutely love my job and I guess for me one of my 10 esteemable acts is to enrich people’s lives and my job gives me the opportunity to do that. I am truly so grateful.

This weekend has been the breeding ground for revelations and I think it is in large part to the action I am putting in, using the tools of yet another fellowship. This weekend I learnt about possession consciousness.  It’s all about getting rid of what you don’t use or need (in my case some clothing that I never wear) to make room for new things. It is also a way of putting faith and trust into the universe that I will be looked after. On Saturday it was the simple act of getting rid of 5/6 items of clothing that I just don’t wear, they don’t make me feel good. I dropped off these things at the op shop on my way to work. It was no walk in the park, the night before I had so much fear and resistance around doing it. In the morning I just woke up and asked for God’s help and God did for me what I have been unable to do for myself.

The significance of this was something I would only encounter the next day. I listened to a speaker tape on Saturday afternoon, which provides an assessment on relationships and to measure up how they actually add value in my life. If the relationship is all about me giving it gets a -1, if it is all about them giving, it gets a +1 and if it is neutral it gets a 0. Each relationship will get scored in the financial department (is it costing me -1, is it costing them +1 or neutral 0), in happiness and so on. How does this relate to the possession consciousness? Well life is getting me to look at things: Do I use this? Is it serving me? Does it make me feel good? And if its not, I can walk away from it and make room for new relationships, by putting faith in the universe and my Higher Power that I will be provided for if I just let go of what is no longer serving me. The way I see it, is if I am standing with the people I choose to have in my life and I am surrounded by 20 negative (not necessarily bad people, just not good for me) and 1 positive, a new friend would probably find it really hard to get through the crowd to meet me, the opportunity might pass me by and why? All, because I want the security of having lots of friends… This has to change for me.

That’s not where it ends, but I unfortunately have run out of time. All I can say is that so many things have changed and are about to change, but instead of being afraid I am excited. I have trust, God has got me, all I have to do is let go and enjoy the ride.


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