My Life – The Gift


The last two days have been something quite special, like nothing I have really ever experienced before. I work two jobs and study two days a week. I volunteer once a week and have got the odd riding/pilates client dotted here and there. In a nutshell, I don’t really have a chance to experience a weekend or day off of any kind. I know some people would go as far as to say I have replaced my other addictions with work or busyness, but with the absolute freedom around my hours and getting to do the things I love doing the most, I find it hard to believe that I could qualify for workaholism.

Last week I went for a massage, did a dance class, had a therapy session, did yoga, attended meetings and had coffee with a good friend and this week I have had two rides on the beach, had dinner with an amazing couple, coffee & Portuguese tarts (the BEST!), a sleepover and then another incredible dinner at a friends house, who I believe has just taught me how to love unconditionally. Looking back, it all seems quite incredible and the week is not even over yet. If I had given myself these last two days off I might’ve just stayed in bed, felt very relaxed, but perhaps nowhere near as rich in experience.

I am beyond grateful! When I left yesterday afternoon, I drove through Threntham, on one of the most beautiful country drives I have ever been on. (If you haven’t noticed yet, I absolutely love driving in beautiful places. My dream is to own a vintage Kombi and take up to three friends road tripping around to the most beautiful places in Australia) The drive was absolutely gorgeous, the weather was perfect. Blue skies and sunshine, lush green grass and the lakes glistening in the sun as I drove past. It is a 2 hour drive, which seems like a lot, but when you have some great music and the heavenly scenery, it is an absolute pleasure!

The night before I left I made dinner for myself and made up a container for my housemate’s lunch, just because I can. It is interesting, because I read in this “Earn what you Deserve” book that by giving freely, it shows that you have faith that you will be looked after in return. The book was referring to money and to giving it away anonymously, so this scenario was slightly different, but it interesting how the principle applied. I went for dinner at the house of a lovely couple, who I consider to be the closest thing that I have to family here in Melbourne. They made an unbelievable Chilli con carne – This was the best I had ever eaten, I am fussy and this was sublime! I loved it so much she gave me a tupperware to take home with me. We went for coffee and I insisted I pay, so I bought coffee and Portuguese tarts. When my friend went to the bathroom, she bought more tarts and insisted I took the tarts I had bought, home with me.

Later, I headed into the city and joined a friend for dinner. So wholesome and delicious! Right up my alley in terms of the kind of food I like to eat. Roast pork, roast vegetables and salad with a homemade salad dressing that was absolutely to die for. We had a soul quenching conversation – well, a number of them actually. I got the opportunity to be vulnerable, honest and real… to the core. I felt nurtured and loved and the love that went into the cooking was apparent. After cleaning up she handed me the pork roast container with what was left of the roast and the salad… my lunch, she said, for the next day. She insisted I take it, I couldn’t refuse, nor did I want to. The universe was providing for me, the universe was giving back. I made one meal in good faith for my housemate and I received two in return from two completely different people.

I guess all I can really do is say thank you! My life, this beautiful thing!


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