My 7th Step Prayer

I was struggling to connect with the generic 7th step prayer, so I looked at the list of all my defects and prayed for the opposite of. This has become part of my morning ritual… Here’s what I wrote:

***Please God let me forgive people, even myself and deal with them with empathy and compassion, even if I do not understand where they are coming from at the time. Please help me to let go of who I think I should be. Please let me be gentle with me and silence my inner critic and help me to see that I am human and that it’s ok to make mistakes. Please let me be more God-centred and allow me to give back through service. Please allow me to be honest with me and open minded enough to see past my denial. Please help me to love myself and live with integrity, by being held accountable for my actions and nobody else’s and the wisdom to know that no one else is to blame for me. Please help me to have the courage to walk through my fears to find the gifts of trusting you on the other side. Please keep me present in this moment so I can enjoy the beautiful life you have given me. Please help me God to be proud of the work we have done and value the progress, allow me to detach from the outcome. Please God give me the strength to honour my commitments and to show up and take only what I have earned. Give me the strength to only say yes to what I can commit to and not to just say yes to people please. Please God help me change, I will continue to work for you, so you can work through me. Please give me the willingness to continue to try.***

the-power-of-prayer copy.jpg

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