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This was me last night (Jim Carey)

Firstly I would like to express my gratitude… I love my job. I am a support worker, who is blessed to have a job requirement of accompanying a client to gym. In short I get paid to work out, so absolutely no additional motivation required. Total bum in the butter moment!

Being a fully qualified pilates instructor, I really value exercise, though I am not the best one to get myself up to do it. I am constantly having to find new innovative ways to get off my ass and into a class of some sort. I put a number of things onto a vision board and 3 of them have manifested this week. 1. Blog, 2. Yoga and 3. Dance. Having little to no experience in all three departments I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

I started off with Yin yoga, in the attempt to slow myself down – this was a mistake as going from 200km/h to 5km/h takes a lot longer when your car has no breaks. So I cranked it up a notch and did back to basics instead. It is a lot harder, so requires less time per pose, which means less time to think – with my obsessive thinking brain this suits me much better.

Anyway, thats enough about yoga, lets talk about Zumba. I put dance on my vision board with the expectation that it might look like “No lights No lycra” dance experience. http://nolightsnolycra.com/
“No lights No lycra” is a bunch of women who get together to dance in the dark and its all about freedom of movement and no judgement – being the hider that I am, this kind of concept was particularly appealing to me, because I would have the opportunity to express myself without being seen.

God had a different plan for me, “If I want to make God laugh – I should try to make a plan.” Goodbye no lights no lycra and hello Zumba (Be careful what you wish for!). The class was done in the light in a gym class in front of the mirrors and my client. We were doing one of the sexiest hip rolling dance types out there. The instructions were simple, “Try to follow my feet, the arms will come after and if all else fails, at the very least, try to face the same direction.” Hahaha – I couldn’t even get the direction right some times, but I did give it 100%. I felt like a goose. I didn’t dare look in the mirror, because I KNOW my hips don’t roll that way. I had fun and so did my client. We were overwhelmed with those deep belly laughs and worked up a great sweat.haha.jpg

Six months ago I don’t think I would have had the courage to join in, if Zumba instructor invited us to. The progress and the benefits of the work I have been doing is apparent and that is a feat in itself. Even though I never thought I could get any joy out of doing a Zumba class, I find myself walking around today totally invigorated – I haven’t felt this good since dancing, for the first time in recovery, at the Byron Bay convention. I am so happy and inspired. I had a classmate ask me, if I was high on something. She just couldn’t understand the good mood. I am absolutely flying!

Last night I was able to let go of my perfectionist and just have fun. I was not afraid to make mistakes. What a feeling!!!



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